Chef knives

A chef’s knife is a kitchen slicing knife with a blade between twelve and twenty-two inches long. A chef’s knife can be used as a general-purpose, all-around tool for cutting medium to large food items into smaller pieces. Some chef’s knives have straight blades while others have serrated ones. Serrated blades are known for their ability to see through hard items, such as raw carrots. Many chef’s knives have blades made of stainless steel or high carbon steel.
The blade is an important component in the chef’s knife because it provides the cutting edge that chefs cut large amounts of meats, vegetables, and other food items into smaller pieces. When cutting with chefs’ knives, different chefs employ different edges, and many chefs like to use a scalloped edge.
Sixty percent of the chef’s knife is the handle that grips its user’s hand to provide balance and grip. The chef’s knife has a heavy blade for cutting through hard items such as bones and meat, but since it also cuts through vegetables, fruits, and other food items, chefs often choose a handle that is light in weight.

Kitchen knives are used to cut small items of food. The chef’s knife can be used as a kitchen knife because it cuts through large food items, but chefs also use other kitchen knives to cut different types of foods. Many chefs find utility knives the best choice for cutting small items because the chef’s knife is too heavy to cut through meats, vegetables, and other food items. Utility knives are similar to chef’s knives in that they have blades between seven to nine inches long.
The Japanese chef’s knife, known as a santoku knife, has a blade between three and twelve inches long. The blade has a scalloped edge that chefs use for chopping vegetables and fruits. The chef’s knife can also be used as a santoku knife, but chefs usually choose to do so when they want a more precise cut or if they need to work on a small cutting surface.